• Ojisama Dakimakura - The Case of Kasumi Nowaki (English subtitle ver.) [Otusun Club]
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Ojisama Dakimakura - The Case of Kasumi Nowaki (English subtitle ver.) [Otusun Club]
Circle Otusun Club
Release date Dec/17/2016
Last updated Jan/29/2021
Series name オジサマキューブ
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Otusun Club's hug pillow dispatch service:
we send a pretty man to your home for private companionship.
Your companion's name is Kasumi Nowaki.
He seems like a perfectly ordinary man. A friend ordered him for you.
You almost turn him away but he's already suavely insinuated himself to your room.
Just pushy enough. Just charming enough.
He's a hug pillow, you can simply hold onto him in bed.
Of course, if you prefer, he offers an additional slightly (?) ecchi overnight service...

track1 good evening (introduction)
track2 let's get to know each other
track3 how do you prefer to sleep, my princess?
track4 may i tease you, here?

* These contents are movies with English subtitles. These are made from Japanese voice contents and an image.

CV: Shirou Senba
Translation: VerdelishJP

39 min 03 sec

(English subtitle / Voice: Japanese)

Update Information

  • 2021年01月29日

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