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Background Materials [Dungeon] Underground Street With Pipework
The elves background shop
$9.58 / 1,080JPY
4 background images of underground street with pipework. Including some objects you can put on the images. Royalty free.
  • Release: Aug/02/2017
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Eeerie dungeon backgrounds

Feb/13/2018   By LaeliaReviewer Rank: 1

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I absolutely adore this set of dungeon background art :3

The backgrounds themselves are great quality and look awesome, but the really cool feature is the sheer amount of extra objects etc. that you can place to customise the scene for yourself! You can put doors and other objects wherever you like to create the type of background that you need. It's a great idea and allows you to build up a scene.

It would look cool in a dungeon crawling type project and I recommend it :3

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