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Luminous=studio's Very Best BGM Materials vol.1 - Towns and Villages
$4.76 / 540JPY
Gamelike BGM materials you can use for both all ages and adult content.
Inc. Music
  • Release: Aug/12/2016
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Pickup!Best town BGM ever

Sep/18/2016   By SalamoReviewer Rank: 5

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Don't be afraid by the fact it's the same song with many variations, each variation is so well done that you will be able to use them all and not bore anyone listening to them.
Presets are made of 8 tracks, each being a variation of the same theme and Materials are comprised of 6 accordeons tracks + 4 clarinets tracks + 9 piano tracks.
One thing : you may hum or sing that song at work, in your office, your kitchen and even under the shower. Yes, it is that catchy !
I strongly advise you to buy this set since it's the best deal you can find when looking for a BGM track.

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