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[BGM Material] Symphonical Rain Loop Collection Vol.1
Symphonical Rain
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Symphonical Rain presents a volume of copyright-free materials.
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  • Release: Oct/12/2012
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Multi-purpose BGM set

Jan/17/2018   By LaeliaReviewer Rank: 1

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This BGM set is fairly versatile with mostly quite upbeat tracks in it, however, there are also a few slower ones too.

The files come in both MP3 and OGG format, which is super handy for me as I need OGG files for my projects and usually end up having to convert them myself.

The description says there are 12 tracks and whilst this is true, it seems there are also 3 other tracks in a different folder within the set, actually taking the total up to 15.

I would recommend this set for games, visual novels etc.

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