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Sakura Saki 8
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A love comedy about the happenings at a certain academy.
  • Release: Oct/21/2010
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Feb/15/2012   By Rodan_MasterReviewer Rank: 2

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MANAM's Sakura Saki is a romance manga taking place in a highschool. In this chapter everyone decides to stay over at Saki's house when they find out she's lonely because she lives alone. Conflicts arise when Aoi reveals that she also likes Yuuki to Saki.

As with all the previous chapters the art in Sakura Saki is very good. The characters all looks great. On the subject of the characters, all of them have interesting and unique personalities. I especially am starting to like Sakuranomiya Mai whom is often rather violent and protective of Saki, and whom the other characters have started calling "Yurinomiya" (due to the fact that she's Yuri).

Overall I'd definitely recommend this whole series. It's a great read.

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