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Magical Trouble 01
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Strange days have begun filled with things thought to be words in fairytales only.
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  • Release: Jul/11/2010
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Pickup!Well Made Visual Novel

Feb/08/2012   By Rodan_MasterReviewer Rank: 2

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Magical Trouble 1: Strength and Weakness is part 1 in a series of Visual Novels by catlocus. In it a guy named Takumi awakens to find a girl named Tina in his room (After she is somehow warped there in the introduction). In any case I won't spoil anything but the two of them end up having an interesting "adventure" of sorts involving another world, magic, etc...

Anyways, the character art in Magical Trouble is quite good; Tina is very cute to say the least (both during normal dialogue sequences and in CGs). The music is pretty good, a little better than the normal "stock music" that is heard in most VNs I think. Moving on the story is interesting and the characters are quite good. The dialogue can be quite entertaining at times (though a little difficult if your Japanese isn't that good).
The game will probably take a little under 2 hours to read all the way through (it's only part 1 of a series though so it will continue).

Overall I'd recommend Magical Trouble to anyone looking for a good, cheap, VN.

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