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Sakura-Gumi Vol.1
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A slow hilarious comic about a life in junior high-school.
  • Release: Oct/28/2009
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Pickup!A Good Slice of Life Manga

Jan/31/2012   By Rodan_MasterReviewer Rank: 2

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Tomihero's Sakura-Gumi is a Slice of Life manga about the lives of middle school students Aruru, Ruchan and Yuuta. This first volume introduces the characters and tells a cute little story about Aruru adopting a stray cat.

The art in Sakura-Gumi is very good and looks as good as (or even better than) most regular commercial/serialized manga.
The Characters are all entertaining and fall under the usual slice of life manga cliche character types (Aruru is a Tsundere etc...).

One big bonus as well is that nearly all the kanji are given furigana so this should be quite easy to read even for those still learning the Japanese language

Overall I'd highly recommend Sakura-Gumi. There are 5 volumes in total and seeing how good this one was I definitely plan to eventually pick up the rest.

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