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Voild Child
$4.80 / 540JPY
IOSYS void presents its first original album
Inc. Music
  • Release: Nov/05/2008
  • Purchased: 9x

An excellent J-pop Mix!

Dec/01/2008   By Maruby

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I listen to a lot of J-pop artists, and I love artists who have an interesting diveristy to their work. This IOSYS album not only offers a satisfying variety in terms of songs but in the tone of music as well. Just about half of this album is composed of vocal tracks. Some are bouncy and wholesome like the first track, solemn and wistful like "Evan's Gambit", or a pure ballad like track 5. The mixture of energy, cuteness, and wonder make this one of my favorite IOSYS albums. For the price it was well worth what I received.

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