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Pantzer Skirt no Naka no Tankyu sha
$4.76 / 540JPY
A simple, easy game like Pelmanism. A man who have a perverted fetish for panties takes his revenge on a woman he could not see her panties.
PersonificationPantiesAnimal Ears
  • Release: Mar/14/2007
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Apr/21/2009   By HardcoreReviewer Rank: Top 50

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A game where the objective is to defeat the furry characters in a game, the reward being you get to see their panties after a win. There is no nudity.

The game plays exactly like the "Concentration" classic card game. Each card has 1, 2, or 3 dots, either green or purple. You have to match cards of the same color and number of dots, dealing "damage points" equal to the number of dots. Whichever meter you run out first gives you a different CG.

Its not bad if you have a furry or panty fetish..

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