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$9.52 / 1,080JPY
This is a original paper-craft artwork of a cat girl. It comes in about 1/4 scale, tall 21cm
Nekomimi (Cat Ears)
  • Release: Mar/31/2005
  • Purchased: 40x

Pickup!Good Quality, Easy to Make


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The compressed file that you'll download with this purchase consists of several smaller files, a few pages that you'll print out, and some instructions.

The paper model is very easy to put together, each piece is numbered, and the instructions mark each piece that they use with the cooresponding number. So, you don't need to really red anything, and this is very good because, since you're on the english site, I'm assuming you don't know Japanese. :)

As I was explaining though, it's very easy to put together, and a very nice model. Great for beginners!

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