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  • A Happy Ear Cleaning Training Time! ~Supervised by Yamamoto Mimikakiten~ [amagami drop]
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A Happy Ear Cleaning Training Time! ~Supervised by Yamamoto Mimikakiten~ [amagami drop]
Release Mar/01/2019
Series Ear Cleaning Series
Age Ratings
Work Format
File Format
 / MP3 included
EventComic Market 95
File Size


Binaural Audio Product. Headphones / earphones recommended.


This is a spin-off work with our previous protagonist "Koharu!"
Of course this product can be enjoyed as a standalone product
or even more so as a sequel!


* This product is supervised by a famous ear cleaning salon "Yamamoto Mimikakiten".
The voice actress actually took a course of training that the salon's staff goes through.
A record of the training is included as a bonus track.

* Certain parts of this work are recording with outdoor sounds as well.
Realistic sounds are provided such as rain, and surroundings.

* The bath portion was recorded at a bath at home.

* ASMR: Ear cleaning, massaging, rain, bubbly bath, typing, pen on notepaper, and more.

* Version with/without a music-box style background music playing included.


Koharu was going to school for voice-acting,
and ended up getting a part-time job as an ear-cleaner.

Her senpai Fuyuka gently teaches her while she works hard to learn.
Watch her grow through struggle and work hard for her customers.

Format: Hi-Res WAV and MP3

01 Store interview (4:36)
02 Ear cleaning practice! (9:47)
03 Ear cleaning practice! Fuyuka (14:08)
04 Ear cleaning practice! Koharu (7:56)
05 Koharu's first cleaning, this is hard... (15:03)
06 Time to reflect! (6:51)
07 Thinking in the bubbly bath (6:39)
08 Ear cleaning study time! (10:43)
09 Fuyuka's advice (2:30)
10 Ear cleaning second attempt! (41:11)

Approx. 199 min run-time
Free talk (7:25)
Store interview story (approx. 34min)


Supervision: Yamamoto Mimikakiten

Koharu CV: Yuka Hinata
Twitter: @yukanyan2525

Fuyuka CV: Hiyori Misaki

Illustration: Nyumu

Planning / Production: amagami drop


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