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Release Aug/03/2018
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Title: Sado Island Story 2

Thank you for visiting our product page.
Kurosaki in LOVE VOICE is speaking.

This product page is of the "all ages" version.
For the X-rated version, please search by
"Sado Island Story 2 [X-Rated Version]".

This is a sequel story to "Sado Island Story".
But I think you can enjoy this even if you are new to the series.

This product is recommended for those who:
- are a bit tired
- don't have enough time to go out
- love summer
- love nature.

Name: Misato
Personality: Uses polite language but friendly
hair: Black, semi-long
Favorites: Sado Island, the ocean, smell of the tide

Misato provides relaxation & refreshment for a guest (you).
Since there are less number of guests in the day
Misato welcomes you at the harbor and takes
care of you somehow personally during your stay.

Total playback time: approx. 45 minutes (not including duplicates)
+ Bonus photo taken on Sado island

Misato CV: Akari Yuzuki
Illustration: Miyako
Scenario: Doanobu / Shirosaki
Planning : Kurosaki


This product contains overlapping content with:
"Sado Island Story 2 [X-Rated Version] (RE119186)".

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