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  • Pose Art Material [9 Boys and Girls] [iyopyon_pyon]
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Pose Art Material [9 Boys and Girls] [iyopyon_pyon]
Release Mar/19/2018
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Pose art up to the thighs. Material sizes are for 800x600 screens.
All are fully colored PNG images. Please use them for things like games and videos.

As a bonus, SD (super deformer; i.e. miniaturized)
versions are also included. They are 200x300 pixels.

All characters have variations in their expressions and outfit, totally to over 300 images.
SD versions also have outfit variations.

[Terms of Use]
- Although these are free materials, copyrights are still applicable.
- In the event of any failure or damage due to using these materials, the author does not assume any responsibility.
- The author will not provide a refund under any circumstances.
- For collaborative productions, individuals other than the buyer are allowed to exchange materials in this product.
- Use of materials as their own work is not allowed.
- Materials must not be reuploaded or resold.
- Please do not use materials that may disrupt public order and morals.
- Creditation is not required when using these works.
- Editing materials are allowed.
- Materials can be used commercially, for any genre and any target audience.

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1 user reviews

Cute pose art :3

Mar/26/2018  By Laelia Top Reviewer: 3rd Verified Buyer

This is a lovely set of pose art material with both male and female characters in so I knew I had to purchase it :3

Although the fact that you can't edit the appearance of the characters means that the art will be slightly devalued with the more people that buy it, it's still nice to have it. The outfit variation is super helpful so you can have the characters change outfits to suit different situations. There are plenty of facial expressions and the inclusion of little mini versions of the characters is adorable :D

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