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Release Mar/17/2018
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Vocal: Wan Tang
Chorus: MC Bgg Dkk
Lyrics / Composer / Editor: C_O

Lyrics Translate:
Creepy boss with Sexual harassment, Abuse of authority
Pervert Teachers almost "Lolicon"
Stay away! I don't need you, wolf man! (No thank you!)

Groper, Upskirt, Sexual pervert
The commuter train is just like a battlefield
Don't cling to me! I don't need you, zombie man! (No thank you!)

You keep fighting in this distorted skyscraper
The Mohawk man in your heart shouting "I'm cleaning up the waste!"

*TOUGH GRRRLS! Go around the world! Beautiful and strong girl
TOUGH GRRRLS! Go around the world! Kick all losers and go forward!

Pick-up artist, Religious cult, confidence trick
Stubborn viruses on the street
Don't entangle me! I don't need you, snake man! (No thank you!)

You keep fighting in this dirty city
The Mohawk man in your heart shouting "I'm cleaning up the waste!"

1. TOUGH GRRRLS (3:36)
2. TOUGH GRRRLS (OP size) (1:30)
3. TOUGH GRRRLS (instrumental) (3:36)
4. TOUGH GRRRLS (OP size / instrumental) (1:30)

Can be used for your creation as a royalty free song.
WAV / MP3 (320kbps) file format
8 files total

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