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  • Walking with Sound of the Bells [Tomimi Retreat]
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Walking with Sound of the Bells [Tomimi Retreat]
Release Feb/22/2018
Series Foxy Shrine Maiden Ten's Ear Cleaning
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On a day in Spring, upon visiting a secluded shrine, you met Ten.
You pass through the shrine's archway to see Ten, as per usual.

This work is in the series of "Foxy Shrine Maiden Ten's Ear Cleaning".
You will have three days together with Ten, in which she kindly gives
you different types of ear cleaning each day.

[Track List]
* A certain day
01. I can't let you get cold. [12:44]
02. Grateful ear cleaning [31:13]
03. I'm happy too. [14:01]

* Another certain day
04. We're still left two alone. [12:07]
05. Let me clip your nails. [12:40]
06. Do you remember this money? [32:27]
07. It's no more than my selfishness. [15:04]

* Yet another certain day
08. You come very earlier. [10:11]
09. Today's swabs are special. [32:07]
10. It's me who has changed. 14:18]

* On a way home
11. It made me really happy but... [12:01]

* Bonus
12. Better to get married [04:52]
Total playback: approx. 3 hours 20 minutes

Binaural Audio Product. Headphones / earphones recommended.

Voice Acting:
Renge Toudou ( http://renge.michikusa.jp/ )
Sakura Kohinata ( http://flower2garden.web.fc2.com/ )

Costume Assistance:
Tensui ( http://10th.kinugoshi.net/ )

Other (Script, Illustration, Acoustics etc.): Tomimi
* Some free materials have been used in the illustrations back ground.

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2 user reviews

Another good audio

Feb/25/2018  By Kuukoli Top Reviewer: Top100 Verified Buyer

Loved it!

Walking with Sound of the Bells is another good addition to my collection
Tomimi has made another great audio i really liked it the sounds were very pleasing I've been purchasing alot of these audios and none of them has been yet to disappoint me. the binarual sound quality is very good and enjoyable as well, it's very nice to just relax and to other stuff while listening to the audio really makes everyday tasks more relaxing, i would give this audio a 10/10

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Highly recommend

Oct/04/2018  By mk1354 Verified Buyer

Loved it!

A very fitting end to the seriese.
I'd definitely suggest listening to the previous works in the series for better understanding of the development of their relationship.
The voice work by Renge is stellar. She has a range of different characters and roles, but her voice work as Ten, I believe is the best one; it makes it effortless for me to believe that I'm with an actual cute loli Japanese fox goddess next to me.
The ambient sounds and sound effects and amazing. At any moment there are at least 2 and up to 3 or 4 layers of sounds making the world more believable. It is very clever that they incorporate a bell to her design as an aural indicator of where she is and convey her movement especially while walking along with her.

I must say I am a little bit disappointed by the illustration this time, so I just open the one from the last one which I believe to be the best one.

To say the least, I thoroughly enjoy listening to all 4 installments. It impresses me every I listen to them; from the voice work, script, and the sound editing and mixing, I can tell that they have a lot of passion for their peojec and I'd like to supporr them in ways I can and hopefully with future works by them!

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