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  • SUMMER VIBE [Complete & Bonus Pack] [Beagle Kick]
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SUMMER VIBE [Complete & Bonus Pack] [Beagle Kick]
Release Sep/26/2017
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A high-res audio work containing jazz music.

The amplitude information of this recording is stored in integer format!
This is the first online release of 768kHz/32bit integer format music (according to a survey by Beagle Kick)!

Enjoy fresh and energetic instrumental sounds well elaborated with cutting edge facilities.

Audio Format:
768kHz/32bit integer
384kHz/32bit integer
192kHz/24bit integer
CD-Mastered 44.1kHz/16bit (bonus content)

[Note:About playing 768kHz/32bit integer file]
As of September 2017, devices listed below can play 768kHz/32bit integer file.

Chord Electronics "Mojo"
iFI-Audio "micro iDSD BL" & "micro iDSD"
OPPO "Sonica DAC"
RME "ADI-2 Pro"

* We only confirmed the playablity of "ADI-2 Pro".
For further details, please contact to the manufacturer of your device.

Production / Editing / Recording / Mixing / Mastering: Takashi Wada
Supervision: Tooru Hashizume

[Participant Musicians]
Trumpet : Masateru Nishikata
E.Guitar: Satoshi Izumi
Bass: Takashi Sugawa
Cajon: Takashi Itani
Wulitzer: Sumika Horiguchi

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