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  • Background Materials [Dungeon] Forest Path [The elves background shop]
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Background Materials [Dungeon] Forest Path [The elves background shop]
Release Aug/25/2017
Series Dungeon
Age Ratings
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 / BMP / PNG
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Royalty free background materials.

10 background art of Forest Paths including
straight way / crossroads / 3-way junction / right turn / left turn / dead-end /
straight way with left turn / straight way with right turn / Y road / open space

+ objects can be put on the background images:
sign / stone monument / 3 types of stone wall / iron bars / holes / fallen trees /
grass (6 types) / water fountain = spring (...and similar other objects)

Variations for midday, morning, evening, night time and raining for each!

[Format] base backgrounds: BMP (1920x1200) / objects: PNG

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2 user reviews

Forest Path Background Set

Mar/16/2018  By Mara Top Reviewer: 3rd Verified Buyer

Keywords the reviewer selected :

No matter if you are planning to do a modern or a fantasy game or if it's cute or dark this background set can be useful in every genre.

You will get different versions of light for every background (morning, day, dawn and night) and even a rainy version.

The many different paths are a great way to create a puzzle where your character has to find the right path. I especially like the extra objects (fallen trees, water puddles, grass and so on) which you can use to bring even more variation to each background.

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Awesome forest dungeon :3

Feb/13/2018  By Laelia Top Reviewer: 3rd Verified Buyer

I really really love this set!

The background art itself is super great quality and lovely to look at and then you have variations in time of day/lighting for each image and even a change in weather.

On top of that, there are objects you can place wherever you like within the images to create your own scenes the way you want them.

The customisation makes this set really quite epic and I would recommend it, especially if you're making a dungeon crawler :3

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