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  • San Carillon: Girl Allegory Act 03 [onseigekidan yamato]
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San Carillon: Girl Allegory Act 03 [onseigekidan yamato]
Release Jun/22/2017
Series San Carillon -Girl Allegory-
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[San Carillon -Girl Allegory-]

A dark heroic fantasy develops with fairy tale characters.
Being tossed about is not necessarily only the heroines.
Will victory be a curse, or a dream?

The heroine San Carillon is the youngest in an aristocratic family on the decline.
Since her father is not the legal husband, she gets the cold shoulder and is pushed around.
However, an encounter with a witch one night at a party, changes her fate forever...

*World View*
Based on Grimm's Fairy Tales, the story develops in pre-medieval Europe background.
Including magic, daemons and fairies. Perhaps people defeats dragons in this period.

Planning / Production / Scenario: Mikoto Yamazaki
Sound Editing: Shouhei Niigawa
Illustration: Chakashi

File format: MP3
total playback: approx. 19 minutes

Yura Hasegawa (as San Carillon)
Junichirou Nishino (as Joule)
Tomomi Numata (as Armepine)
Kazumi Miori (as Meteore)
Nao Tsurisaki (as Serpen Nui the Night Witch)
Towa Izumi (as Rosemary)
Kaori Nazuka (as Liz Blanche)
Ryuuhei Yamamoto (as the Government Minister)

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