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  • JK Healing Club - A Healing Afterschool with a Graceful Schoolgirl - [USA WORKS]
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JK Healing Club - A Healing Afterschool with a Graceful Schoolgirl - [USA WORKS]
Release Jun/23/2017
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Why don't you refresh in JK healing club and blow your stress away?
Kaede, a graceful schoolgirl serves you massage and ear cleaning!
A binaural audio product that you can feel her presence and ASMR.

[Track List]
1. Prologue (11:20)
2. Massage (36:27)
3. Ear Cleaning (40:42)
+ Epilogue track

Total playback time: 1 hour 34 minutes 30 seconds

CV: Yui Asami

Illustration: Unacchi

Cover Design: D9

Planning / Production: USA WORKS

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1 user reviews

Well well well...

Jul/30/2017  By BumBum Top Reviewer: 6th Verified Buyer

Loved it!

Keywords the reviewer selected :

It's Asami-san at her best. So get it. Okay, setting is you're a teacher getting a massage from one of your students. And it's a shoulder/back massage, nothing dirty here. And of course, ear cleaning is kinda the must-have in any personal attetion audio.

Well, it's great. Heck, the cover was so cute I almost got this just for that!

The actual tracks are surprisingly lenghty, as a matter of fact. We're talking about 30+ minutes for the main two tracks, which is quite a bit, and no duplicates. These are individual tracks.

Asami, massage and... Just buy it. You know it's gonna be cute and soothing.

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