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  • [Re:I] Music Materials Vol.1 - Touchingly, Catharsis, Ending, Music Box [Re:I]
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[Re:I] Music Materials Vol.1 - Touchingly, Catharsis, Ending, Music Box [Re:I]
Circle Re:IFollow
Release May/28/2017
Series [Re:I] Music Materials
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Audio MaterialInc. Music
 / Music Materials (BGM)
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Music Materials (BGM)

* There are WAV, MP3, Ogg, M4A, and MIDI.

* "MIDI: Supported" means that MIDI can be used with RPG Maker etc.
"MIDI: Not supported" means that MIDI is not supported, but I offer it for arrangers.
For details of the specifications, you can confirm with ReadMe.

01 Far Days
00:55 / This music can loop or not. / MIDI: Supported
Music box-like.

02 Ephemeral World 1
02:22 / Non-loop / MIDI: Supported
Music box-like.

03 Ephemeral World 2
02:22 / Non-loop / MIDI: Supported
Music box-like.

04 Overcoming
01:40 / Loop / MIDI: Supported
Hope and the way.

05 Overcoming PV version
00:46 / Non-loop / MIDI: Supported
An arrange of "Overcoming" for promotional videos.

06 Overcoming ED version
02:27 / Non-loop / MIDI: Supported
An arrange of "Overcoming" for the ending.

07 8bit Adventure
01:13 / Non-loop / MIDI: Not supported
Chiptune. NES-like, and ending-like.


[Terms of Use (Simplified Version)]

Copyright Notice: Required
Intended Use: Unlimited
Commercial Use: Allowed
Alteration/Arrangement: Unlimited
Redistribution: You have to get permission from me.
Use Report: Optional

If you let me know your works that used these materials,
I introduce them at my site.


* This materials collection is the paid version for commercial use.
For nonprofit use, you can download MP3, OGG, and MIDI (limited to "Supported" type)
provided on the circle's site for free.

If you want WAV, M4A, and MIDI (including "Not Supported" type),
please purchase this materials collection regardless of commercial or non-commercial.

* Re:I's sound materials for commercial use are also sold at "Audiostock",
but because I want to offer reduced price versions to customers who write copyright notice,
I prepared this materials collection series.

Therefore, the price per one material becomes 1-10% (90-99% off) of the price in Audiostock.
I call it "Copyright Notice Discount".


Rei Yumesaki

Main web site "Re:I"

Blog & Free materials site


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