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  • [Pure Love] Romantic Experience: Tsundere Girl's Love Lessons  [A Crayon That Draws On The Wind]
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[Pure Love] Romantic Experience: Tsundere Girl's Love Lessons  [A Crayon That Draws On The Wind]
Release May/22/2017
Series Confession Series
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Experience a romantic relationship with the
tsundere girl that you have secret feelings for.

A twist of fate has the two of your become a cleaning
pair and your romantic encounters begin from there.

Enjoy the pseudo-love in this audio product!

[Track List]
Track1. Cleaning pair assignment (1:46)
Track2. In the storeroom (3:34)
Track3. CD, the love carrier? (4:03)
Track4. Gazing into one another's eyes (5:55)
Track5. Called a pervert (5:18)
Track6. Heart thumping escort (7:16)
Track7. Shoulder ride (4:56)
Track.8 Confession (6:47)
Track.9 After confessing (3:35)

At school, in a room alone with her,
a "secret" for two. What did she do?

45+ minutes playback

CV: Ai Murase
Illustration: kodachinatsu
Production A Crayon That Draws On The Wind

A similar work can be found here:
"Love Experience -Matsuribayashi to Kimi no Koe-"

* Note, this product is the WITHOUT erotic content version of:
"[w/ Eros] Romantic Experience: Tsundere Girl's Love Lessons (RE194210)"

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