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  • Cambria Sword [Vagues_Games]
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Cambria Sword [Vagues_Games]
Release Jan/17/2017
Last Modified Apr/25/2018 
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EventComic Market 91
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  • Necessary Settings The application may not function unless a Japanese language pack is set properly in your PC / the System Locale is set to Japanese. For more details, please refer to [ How can I set my system locale to Japanese? ] on the Frequently Asked Questions page.


An epic shooter set in the future-past of giant creepy crawlies...

For fans of 80s and 90s style arcade games, X68000, Megadrive, etc. games.
Contains the main game disk and an extra disk with all the data + mp3 soundtrack)

Play the first two stages free (about 1/12th the length of the full game)

Game details page: http://www2.tba.t-com.ne.jp/vagues/games_01.html

Trailer movie (youtube): https://youtu.be/kWTFdsGlfxs

Gameplay video (youtube): https://youtu.be/oYjhtmnq4j0

Confirmed compatibility for Windows Vista / 7 / 8.1
May encounter errors for Windows XP, 10

Upgrade Information

  • Apr/25/2018
    Correction: bugs/defectsOthers

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2 user reviews

The New King of Dōjin Shmups

Jan/19/2017  By fran_friki Top Reviewer: Top100 Verified Buyer

Cambria Sword is a meticulous work that brings us the best of a decade virtually lost. It follows a structure similar to the Treasure's works, with the boss rush as center, counting on enemy routines ranging from the classic to the rain of bullets (danmaku), and a little hitbox in our main character. Its resemblance to Bio-Hazard battle is remarkably visually, but in mechanics it goes far enough. The horizontal view is not only limited to side scroll, but also moves in all directions, creating great, long and difficult scenarios. Drinks from some Taito works (with a sofisticated shortcut system based on decisions, similar to G-Darius), also Tecnosoft in terms of varied weaponry (there are dozens of combinations), the progression platform in phases, with obstacles and traps, remembering at times to Thunder Force saga or Naious. Graphically it is spectacular, if a boss has to occupy the entire screen will do, as well as his attacks. The music is pure heavy-metal and brutal death, fast and frantic. It contains a significant number of bosses and hundreds of mechanics, desperado attacks and a myriad of original ideas, with years of work behind by a single person. It also has a reward system similar to Cho Ren Sha.

I only recommend it to people already familiar with horizontal shmups and have a long history with the genre (tons of hours), it is VERY, VERY difficult, it demands a lot of patience, precision and memorization. The "Sharp X68000 standards" are back; a domestic shmup with an unnatural longevity, surpassing any arcade. You will love it or you will hate it.

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A gigantic & technical, shmup full of soul and imagination.

Jan/31/2017  By Dominic Tarason Verified Buyer

Loved it!

I stumbled upon this game while browsing recent Comiket releases. In amongst the countless familiar Touhou clones stood something strange. A shmup marching to the beat of its own drum.

Cambria Sword is a bizarre fusion of Bio Hazard Battle and Radiant Silvergun, with a few other nods to classic Genesis/Megadrive-era sidescrollers. It (silently) tells the story of space-war in ancient prehistory, with the strange creatures of Cambrian-era earth dragged into a conflict between rival alien intelligences. It's trippy, but a hell of a hook.

Gameplay-wise, this is slower and chunkier than most modern shmups. While you do have a relatively small hitbox, enemy attacks are relatively sparse and manageable, but you'll be losing lives regularly anyway, as this is a true marathon game.

While most shmups clock in at 20-40 minutes, a complete playthrough of Cambria Sword is a 3-4 hour endeavour. There's a handy level select and you can pick a shortened campaign along the way to make things a little less gruelling, but your six continues will be stretched to the limit on this one.

You'd think that the long playtime would make this feel stretched out, but each stage is full of creative ideas and imaginative bosses. The second stage is stand-out brilliant, with your ascent from the ocean to the stars being blocked by waves of mobilizing enemy troops in the foreground and back.

In fact, you can play that right now - there's a generous demo right on this page. Download it and play it. Experiment with the complex weapons system, then come back to get the full game.

The full version comes with the (excellent, live) prog-metal soundtrack, and the strategy guide from the Extra Disc, which is surprisingly legible even when machine-translated.

$14 for one of the biggest and most creative shmups I've seen is good value, by the way. Get it.

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