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Release Oct/14/2016
Series Kant*i C*llection - KanC*lle -
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Page Count36 pages
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Fubuki was born and raised at a shinto shrine in the countryside.
She went to school as an ordinary student but,
one day a naval officer and a girl named Ooyodo approached her.

Fubuki was chosen to be a "kanmusu", they said.
She didn't understand what this meant.

The officer began to tell Fubuki a tale of denizens of the deep.

These denizens were angry spirits from a war long ago.
They could only be defeated by mediums between worlds.
Fubuki had of course heard of "miko", or shrine maidens, who banish spirits.
But they were also known by another name: "kanmusu", or battleship girls.

This is the tale of Fubuki, the simple daughter of a countryside shrine,
who took the path of righteousness to banish evil as a kanmusu.

* Same story as the print edition
* Bonus pages for the DL edition

Total 36 pages

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