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Release Aug/27/2016
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Sonic Revolution 10th Anniversary
The History of Sonic Revolution * Complete Albums 2000-2005

118 tracks

Album list:
SRRS-0001 amorphous
SRRS-0002 Entreaty
SRRS-0003 piece of dreams
SRRS-0004 Blazing Sphere
SRRS-0005 Perpetual Snow
SRRS-0006 Xi-Trancel
SRRS-0007 Cielo
SRRS-0008 Pathos
SRRA-0001 WhiteVision
SRRS-0009 Time-Machine
SRRS-E001 Mixin'1
SRRS-0010 Estrelia
SRRS-E002 Mixin'2
SRRS-0011 Verde
SRRA-0002 Reincarnation
SRRM-0001 Bright Wings
SRRM-0002 Beat Enigma
SRRM-0003 Kaleidoscope
SRRM-0004 Zephyrus
SRRM-0005 Aeolus
SRRM-0006 Cruel
SRLX-022 Spiral Gear
SRLX-023 Unific Falcula


This product contains content also found in the following:
Cielo - AIR RemixMiniAlbum the 1st (RE016728)
Estrelia - AIR RemixMiniAlbum the 2nd (RE016729)
Verde - AIR RemixMiniAlbum the 3rd - (RE016731)
amorphous (RE056382)
Blazing Sphere (RE056407)
Xi-Trancel (RE056836)
Cielo (RE058050)

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1 user reviews

Good Collection

Feb/14/2018  By ahiruTop 50 Reviewer

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Like the cover image says, this is a collection of Re:Volte's (formerly Sonic Revolution and Scinicade) albums from 2000-2005. It's mostly high-speed electronic remixes from K*non, A*r, and R*gnar*k. There are also original songs and some slower paced tracks as well.

For the most part, I enjoyed this collection, but a lot of it was hit and miss, especially the first two discs. Some of the tracks sound messy and unrefined, but it's understandable considering how old they are. This isn't an album for everyone but definitely check it out if you're a fan of Ravy and Re:Volte, or if you want a look into doujin music from this time period.

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