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Release Aug/24/2015
Series Material Collection
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 / psd
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Summer's horror !! Very gore ! High definitions GUI illustrations for horror based games : stock of illustrations & icons!

* Made for PC and smartphone-friendly.

* Screen resolution
PC:816x624 800x600 640x480 544x416
SP:1080x1920 540x960

* File format

* HD icons
38 unique icons +66 variations
512x512 256x256 192x192 96x96

* About samples
All sample icon images are provided in the trial version.

* Notes on psd files
psd files were exported from Paint Tool SAI. https://www.systemax.jp/ja/sai/
And, photoshop CS2.
You will know from which software the files were exported by theses marks :


Which means :


Due to the difference of specification of each software, these may not open properly in other software .
Please note that if you use other software are not supported.

* Terms of use / FAQ
1. All ownership and copyright of the icon collections remains the property of Ruruga.

2. Can I repost these resources?

3. Are these resources allowed in commercial games?

4. Can I edit these resources?

5. Can I distribute these edited resources?

6.Is credit required? How do I credit?


This is the ENGLISH version translated by the circle.

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3 user reviews

Horror GUI & Icons pack

Mar/11/2018  By MaraTop : 4 Reviewer

1 user(s) found this review helpful.

Keywords the reviewer selected :

This pack contains some awesome GUI elements and icons, perfect for a horror game.

I'm not skilled enough to create my own UI so I was thrilled to find a pack with such professional graphics and this much content to such a good price.

Most icons have different versions (normal, dirty/rusty and blood stained) so you could use them for other games than horror, too.
For puzzles you get two password panels.
And as a bonus there are some extra graphics and maskeffects (one of them looks like the player is being watched with a camera for example).

So this pack is definitely worth buying it.

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Extensive horror set

Jan/17/2018  By LaeliaTop : 1 Reviewer

1 user(s) found this review helpful.

Keywords the reviewer selected :

There are so many great things about this set!

It's huge for starters with a massive amount of material to work with. Everything has a PC version and a smartphone version. On top of that, you get PSD files alongside PNG ones so you can choose whether you want to use the stuff as it is, or edit it yourself.

The GUI itself looks pretty awesome with a decent level of customization. Then there's all the other stuff like the cool items, filters and pictures. The character is a really cool added bonus too.

Everything has multiple resolutions to choose from to suit your project.

Overall I think this is a cool set and I recommend it.

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If you plan on making a horror game, this GUI is the best

Aug/31/2016  By SalamoTop : 5 Reviewer

1 user(s) found this review helpful.

Keywords the reviewer selected :

This GUI pack is a designer / game maker's best companion.
No more looking for specific items, textures and frames, it has everything you could need, and even more.
From game over (editable) screens to passcode/pannels and inventory, this is the best set of ressources one could ever dream of.
Download the trial to see what I mean, and you'll be astonished by the quality of the author's work.
With other a 100 png/psd items (some being variations), this GUI beats the hell out of all the other GUI out there.

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