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Release Aug/10/2015
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This is a set of 13 background materials of idyllic European fantasy towns, buildings.
License is free for doujin and commercial works.

You can use these materials for the adventure games and comics.

JPEG format
1920x1200, 800x600 sizes

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4 user reviews

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Fantasy Backgrounds 01

Feb/01/2018  By Mara Top Reviewer: 4th Verified Buyer

Keywords the reviewer selected :

Finally! Fantasy backgrounds are so hart to find and I always wanted to make a fantasy visual novel. So I'm really happy I found this beautiful pack. :)

The pack contains 13 different backgrounds, most of them with variation in light (morning, daytime, night), so you will get 35 backgrounds in total. There're no nature backgrounds, only rooms or parts of a city.

I recommend to get the two other fantasy packs for even more variation.

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Interesting fantasy background CGs

Jan/16/2018  By Laelia Top Reviewer: 3rd Verified Buyer

Keywords the reviewer selected :

I mainly purchased this fantasy backgrounds CG set for the images of the place which seems to be a tavern, but there are plenty of images in the set that could be used in a fantasy setting.

As with other sets by this circle, all the images have a light/time of day variation to them.

You can see what you're buying if you download the trial, as that contains all of the images for you to view.

I think this set nicely compliments the other two fantasy sets by this circle and I recommend purchasing all three of them.

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Around a fantasy town

Nov/30/2017  By Delilah Top Reviewer: 11th Verified Buyer

This set is great if you have the other Fantasy packs and want to take your game out of the castle and into the town. I originally hadn't planned on using but I realized my game was feeling stuffy being trapped in the castle the whole time and I needed a nice buffer between my outdoor/forest adventure scenes and this really fit the bill. Everything looks great and you can run them through some filters to get a unique look for your own game. Excellent, work, thank you!

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Desert Border Castle With Lake And Veldt

Jul/17/2017  By redpandagames Top Reviewer: 2nd Verified Buyer

This pack contains morning, sunset, and night renders with standard and HD resolutions. The location borders between a lake with grasslands in the back and a desert in the front. It includes:

1) kingdom homes and interior street (X2)
2) a boardwalk and port
3) a church interior
4) castle park / garden
5) a castle hall with an Anubis
6) a desert castle closeup
7) pub interior
8) inn lobby
9) inn room
10) kingdom street with businesses
11) kingdom alley
12) external shot of entire kingdom

The renders are good, but the higher the resolution, the sharper the line quality is, so I subtracted one star. Some backgrounds look less painterly and more like architectural drawings.

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