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  • Naptime Cafe "Sirokuma no Sippo" [Shirokuma no Yome]
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Naptime Cafe "Sirokuma no Sippo" [Shirokuma no Yome]
Release Apr/17/2015
Series sirokumanoyome+
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At home, school, work, and so on...
Naptime Cafe "Sirokuma no Sippo" is your audio therapist
you can take with you for soothing relaxation, anywhere.

Gentle ASMR sounds of an exfoliating cream/oil massage, ear cleaning, etc.
Chose from a menu of instruments like cotton swab, ear candle, strand of horse hair, etc.
All told, there's 4 hours and 10 minutes of audio.

* 124 minutes length (not including duplicates)

01 Introduction
02 (Kikyu) Main menu part 1
03 (Kikyu) Main menu part 2
04 (Alice) Main menu part 1
05 (Alice) Main menu part 2
Aoi-chan's test
Other duplicates of files

Kikyu provides about 56 minutes of nail care, counting sheep, original lullaby

Alice provides about 50 minutes of face care, counting sheep, original lullaby

A secret character and bonus content adds up to another 20 minutes

* 250 total minutes length (including duplicates)

Natsuki Nogami http://anatani.chu.jp/
Ayaka Igasaki http://sirokuma-ayaka.info/
Yume http://yumegokochi.webcrow.jp/

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1 user reviews

I like it

Jul/26/2015  By BallerinaSEAL Top Reviewer: Top100 Verified Buyer

Loved it!

Keywords the reviewer selected :

I really really like it; Kikyu has more like an "yasashi"-type voice, while Alice is more of a little-sister-like voice.

Personally I enjoy Kikyu much better, because Alice's voice just annoys me a lot with her higher pitch voice when I'm trying to sleep. I love Kikyu's sheep counting. There is something to it.

If you are using Galaxy, tune it to Tube Amp; maybe it's just for me, but it sounds so much better than other EQ.

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