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  • SorcerLand [zaruku]
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SorcerLand [zaruku]
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Release Oct/12/2014
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  • Necessary Settings The application may not function unless a Japanese language pack is set properly in your PC / the System Locale is set to Japanese. For more details, please refer to [ How can I set my system locale to Japanese? ] on the Frequently Asked Questions page.


Legions of robots are trampling our peaceful kingdom!
Come on, let's conquer the metal invaders!
SorcerLand is a pixeltastic retro 2D action platformer.

* This game is in Japanese only.

* Please consider this an Early Access version of the game.
You can currently play up through Area 6 in the full version.
You can play up through Area 3 in the free trial.
There are more areas being created and will be patched in, but no release date has been announced.
* All 3 playable characters are otok no ko (crossdressers).
* The game is rated R-15 for risque outfits. There are no explicit nude scenes.

Created by zaruku

Special credits:
BGM: IT.XX (Inukoya Online)
SFX: OSA (The Matchmakers)
Engine: Action Game Tkool

A key (X button) - Attack / Confirm
X key (A button) - Jump / Skip scene
W key (Y button) - Death attack / Magic
D key (B button) - Use item (customize in menu)
Right Ctrl key (RT button) - Dash
Left Ctrl key (LT button) - Toggle death attack / Toggle magic (when available)
Spacebar (Start button) - Pause / Open menu
Tab key (Back button) - Exit village (in village) / Display control configuration (in demo scene) / Restart battle (in battle scene) (costs one life)

Spam the Attack key for continuous chained attacks
Execute special attacks by holding the Attack key + directional key

Save data:
Save data can be transferred from the free trial to the full game as of Sept 18, 2014.
If you have an older version, save data may not be compatible.

About bugs and glitches:
This game is created with Action Game Tkool (AGTkool) from Enterbrain.
Some issues with the game maker cannot be fixed by the creator.
That being said, where possible all bugs are fixed to the extent possible.
Thank you for playing SorcerLand.
(Example bug: getting stuck in a wall)

Developer blog:

Operational Requirements

9.0c or greater

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4 user reviews

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A Highly Recommended Purchase

Nov/17/2014  By solaire Top Reviewer: 19th Verified Buyer

Loved it!

I decided to take the time to write a review for this action platformer because i was impressed by its high quality and the incredible amount of content it's packed with, among other aspects it's especially worth mentioning the astounding number of different enemies found in each level.

Each one of the three characters has his own set of moves as well as your choice of three different special attacks. After you've looted enough cash from your defeated enemies, you can visit the towns on the worldmap to buy items and new abilities for your character like blocking, counter, double jump and so on.

It should be pointed out that the currently available version of the game will soon receive a free update with a lot of of new levels, a new playable character (a sexy kunoichi fox), more bosses and new special moves for the 3 characters that are already playable.

In closing, this game is packed with a ton of content, the sprite graphics of its stages and characters are very polished, each one of the playable characters has a very distinct fighting style and basically for less than a dollar you get a game that normally would easily cost ten to twenty times more.

Lastly, i want to point out that this is NOT a hentai game and in reviewing it i held it up to the the same standard and level of scrutiny i would have any non hentai doujin/indie game and as i already stated it passed my examination with flying colours.

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A fun, Quirky Adventure!

Jun/24/2015  By Harblesnargits Top Reviewer: 48th Verified Buyer

Loved it!

Sorcerland is an interesting RPG that takes place in a fictional world of humanoid animals, and is currently in a war against a faction of robots. You play as one of the three characters on the game's cover; Alines the blue cat, Rabina-Lop the brown rabbit, or Machina the robotic pony, and they use magic in different ways to defeat the robot enemies.

Each character plays differently;

- Alines is a very melee-heavy character, focusing on being up close and hitting hard. His attacks are fast, and he can attack multiple times in succession for a big impact on the enemy's health. He's also able to run really fast. Blue = speed in video games, after all!

- Rabina-Lop is the caster type of character, using magic over melee. His main form of magic is Ice, but he can also use electricity. Don't be fooled by his cute poses, he can deal massive damage from a distance, and despite his low health and mobility, he's a strong character when used right!

- Machina is the tank; heavy firepower, slow movement. He can use an array of guns, blades, and his own hooves as offense, and he can use them for defense as well. He has higher defense, but he moves really slow. He's probably the hardest to play as, but it's fulfilling!

Oh, did I mention the playable trio is all male? That's right, they're crossdressing, but with a reason! Their magic is based on their lewdness. That's right, the more scantily clad, the more powerful. How silly it is, but it gives a unique flavor to the game. One villain is a woman who is pretty much naked, and she's a scary sorceress; possibly the hardest boss in the current release! (as of 11/29/2014)

This game has controller support, and comes with a picture with controls. It's very easy to play, and for less than one dollar, it's definitely worth the price. The developer hasn't posted anything on his blog since November 2014, but I hope he posts an update soon! I'm itching to see the rest of the story unfold, even if I'm not fluent in Japanese!

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Fun Megaman Like Game

Nov/09/2014  By Zennam Top Reviewer: Top100 Verified Buyer

Loved it!

Help save SorcerLand!
This game is an action platformer that reminds me of the megaman/zero/zx games.
Each character comes with her own set of moves as well as your choice of three different special attacks. As you earn money by defeating enemies, you can visit the towns on the map and purchase items as well as new skills (such as blocking, counter, doublejump, etc).
What's interesting about this game is that at the end of every normal stage, there will be a "enemy rush" section, where you're in a small confined part of the screen and you have to kill all of the enemies before the stage gets cleared. Some of these have actually been rather challenging, and makes the game more fun in my opinion.

There are some things I would like to point out as disappointments though. For one, you can't seem to edit the screen size. The other, and perhaps more frustrating thing about this game is that the controls aren't very responsive, often causing you to get hit by enemies even though you're telling your character to jump.

All in all though, for something under a dollar, this game is great fun and should be a definite get if you like action platformers.

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Wonderful platformer for the price!

Jan/26/2015  By Zeros Top Reviewer: Top100 Verified Buyer

Loved it!

SorcerLand is quite a spunky little platformer if there was one. Taking cues from things like the 'Megaman Zero' series and the like, you're able to pick from one of 3 base ( and then unlockable and soon to be added extra ) cast, each with their own strengths and weakness, to fight off a horde of robotics causing terror around the land.

The sprite work and animation for this game is really top notch, able to see very tiny details in movement and idle poses, and attacks feel fluid. The content is also rather interesting turn, as it plays off of 'cross dressing' fetish for the main three ( all three are males dressed in feminine clothing/styles ) while the unlockables all seem to be females with more 'revealing' attires.

Otherwise you're getting quite a lot for only a dollar's worth of payment at writing. A plethora of stages, and a growing list of playables. If there's any quibble, it's the locked screen size or somewhat limited controls depending on set up.

Overall it's hard to turn it down at its almost free price tag.

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