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  • Royalty-Free Sound Effect Collection (A) [MP3+OGG] [RP-MUSIC]
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Royalty-Free Sound Effect Collection (A) [MP3+OGG] [RP-MUSIC]
Release Sep/17/2014
Last Modified Dec/08/2015 
Series Copyright-free sound collection
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 / OGG
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* Bonus content update (ver 3)

This collection has been updated as of December 2015 with bonus sound effects (SE).
For users who already purchased with a guest account and are unable to redownload for free,
in consideration of your support this bonus content is also included in the free trial.
The folder includes WAV and MP3 formats and may be used freely in your projects.
(Data is identical for both the trial version and the full version.)

Contents are "508 SE" + NEWLY ADDED "1,815 SE + tempo variations"
The new additions come in 3 sets (total files: 6,973)

List of changes made with December 2015 update:
* OGG file format added
* Volume increase
* Sound effects added
* Tempo variations added (file are appended with "s"
* Non-reverb variations added (files are appended with "dry")

Category name samples: "attack" (20-88), "magic: hikari" (20-90), etc.
There are 34 categories sorted for easy recognition.
Each folder includes a filecount.
Each sound effect includes the length.

A great resource for anime, games and movies. Use and edit freely.

Files are now included in 3 formats: MP3, WAV, OGG

* About RP-MUSIC

Check out our huge library of individual and bundled
copyright-free musical effects and sound effects collections.
High fidelity, balanced for optimal quality and loopable.
Updated for easy integration with RPG Maker.

Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates.

Image illustrations : Liz

Upgrade Information

  • Dec/08/2015
    Addition of contentsOthers
  • Oct/21/2015
    Correction: typosAddition of contents

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