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  • Male Pose Art Materials vol.1 [BUBU-K]
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Male Pose Art Materials vol.1 [BUBU-K]
Circle BUBU-KFollow
Release Sep/24/2013
Last Modified Jul/28/2017 
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 / PSD
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Posed character artwork for free use in your games, etc.

All genres, commercial and indie permitted.
You may edit the contents freely.
No credit required.

* PSD format only (Photoshop)

900x1600 size

4 hairstyles
7 faces
6 mouths
Outfits (school uniform, casual clothes, jersey)
Accessories (piercing, necklace, glasses)

Upgrade Information

  • Jul/28/2017
    Addition of contents
  • Feb/12/2017
    Addition of contents
  • Aug/19/2015
    Addition of contents

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3 user reviews

Sultry male pose art

Mar/26/2018  By Laelia Top Reviewer: 3rd Verified Buyer

I always knew that one day I would end up purchasing all the pose art sets by this circle! The quality of the artwork is really great and while the style may be a little different to the other pose art sets around it's really lovely to look at :3

I was surprised that this set has an included software for editing the characters as well as PSD files to customise them as much as you want. As not all the sets have the software and that's what I prefer to use so that's a bonus for me! :D

I would definitely recommend this set :3

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Male Pose Art Materials vol.1

Mar/20/2018  By Mara Top Reviewer: 4th Verified Buyer

I'm planning to use the characters in this pack as non human beings because they are just too beautiful to be human. XD

There is something dark about the characters from this circle and I just love how mature the style from this artist looks.

You will get a great amount of different hair styles and clothes and with the way the characters are provided (with different layers for the color, the outlines, shading and extra pattern) it's very easy to change the graphics to your personal taste.

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3 male characters

Nov/23/2016  By redpandagames Top Reviewer: 1st Verified Buyer

This product was originally released on Sep/24/2013, but was updated on Aug/19/2015. At first, I thought it was one character with three poses, but they are separate characters and each have their own .psd file. The clothing can be removed and each have their own accessories. The files are designed for Photoshop, so if you use a different editing program, some effects may not come through. For example, clothing patterns may extend outside of their bounding boxes when not using Photoshop, but you can still edit it. This is a good accompaniment to other products within the same circle.

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