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  • Day in the Life of Shimobe and Kamisama [RIDE-OUT]
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Day in the Life of Shimobe and Kamisama [RIDE-OUT]
Release Sep/02/2013
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 / WAV
EventComic Market 84
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Welcome to Tenjinsou Building.

Newly built, 5 minutes from the nearest station, less than $300/month rent,
no key money or other moving fees. There's even a quaint legend that Tenjinsou's
foundations were once the home of a goddess.

It's a great place, but there was one concern...
as a tenant, protagonist Yashiro Fujishima was also being
coerced to manage the whole property.
He was going out of his mind.

All the tenants of Tenjinsou have peculiar ways.
He has to take care of them, plus a weirdly erotic dog.
But the biggest problem is is own imouto, Minori.

Minori is more than a little sister.
She's the genuine article: the goddess of legend......

No joke...

* Day in the Life of Shimobe and Kamisama
An audio drama. 8 tracks + bonus cast commentary, BGM x 2

Created by RIDE-OUT
Scenario by Suginami R
Edited by The Director (Shacho)
Character designs by Emanon123 / Enatetsu
Chibi SD character designs by Shion Mochizuki
Graphics by Shion Mochizuki
Design by Suginami R
Music by The Director / Rozen
Sound effects by Onjin / The Matchmakers / Taira Komori /
Joker Sounds / Nikonicommons / Music is VER

Senpuuki / Rion Momomiya / *MuTuBa /
Ryoku Asanuma / An Shiroi / Hiro Sakurase /
R / Jura / Takumi Kamijo / Okami Yuiuchi /
Koka Nanbara

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