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  • Ghosts of August: The Curious Midsummer Case 1 of 6 Ch. 6 [Studio Gear]
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Ghosts of August: The Curious Midsummer Case 1 of 6 Ch. 6 [Studio Gear]
Release Aug/24/2013
Series Ghosts of August -The Curious Midsummer Case 1 of 6
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EventComic Market 84
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The 6th chapter in of Studio Gear's obake (spirit) battle action DNV.

It's midsummer 2011. Blind girl Yako Goutakawa enters the mountains on a date with her spirit friend Kamui. However, they walk into a new trap laid by Chris.

In the next 50 hours Yako and Kamui have to triumph over Chris, or they will never get back to Yuichiro and the others again.

Chris is clever. As devoted as Kamui is to helping them both escape this mess, Chris captures him.

Yako has always relied on Kamui, and now she's all alone. But help comes in the form of the "Nameless" and "Headless".

She discovers in herself a dormant power. This poor blind girl has within her the strength of the Lone Warrior.

Ghosts of August -The Curious Midsummer Case 1 of 6- Ch. 6

"I'm not afraid of you! I'M NOT AFRAID! Nothing can scare me now!!!"

Operational Requirements

300MHz or greater
2000/XP: 256MB, Vista:512MB or greater
500MB or greater
900x675 display or greater
7 or greater

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