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Release Feb/23/2013
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Excellent high-detail background art.
Great for fantasy themed adventure games, etc.
For free use in your creative works.

Murakumo Copyright-Free CGs 13 - Hospital 2

Midway stairwell
Bottom stairwell
Communication room

BMP format (24bit)
1280x960 size

For more details please visit the homepage:

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4 user reviews

Frequent keywords the reviewers selected :

Drama/Daily Living(3) Romance(2)
Sadness hospital

Feb/14/2018  By Orikanekoi Top : 7 Reviewer Verified Buyer

Loved it!

Keywords the reviewer selected :

I like this set of backgrounds.
The special style in which they are painted give a special atmosphere.
You have been playing with light and shadow.
It is unfortunate that the backgrounds in the ratio of 4:3 will have to trim the edges of the image.
I will definitely use these materials in my future game, where the action takes place in the hospital.
They will highlight the atmosphere of sadness that I want to show.

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Beautiful hospital background CG set

Jan/16/2018  By Laelia Top : 1 Reviewer Verified Buyer

Keywords the reviewer selected :

The art style in this CG set is simply incredible and of very high quality.

With each image, you get multiple versions, showing variations in light/time of day. The CG of the roof with the moon glowing is particularly impressive.

The set is perfect for what I was after as it includes a dark stairwell and a dark corridor which help to create a more spooky atmosphere.

The breakfast image is also pretty cute and work's great from a first-person perspective.

I highly recommend this set.

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High Quality Backgrounds!

Jul/08/2013  By EvilEagles Top : 10 Reviewer Verified Buyer

Keywords the reviewer selected :

The backgrounds included in the pack are all of very high quality with great amount of details. This is indeed the work of professional background artists. I am completely satisfied with this purchase and will be purchasing more backgrounds from this circle in case any needs arise. My only suggestion is that, maybe the circle could recompile a big pack for purchases in bulk to allow buyers to get some discount for buying all of them.

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Hospital - Mostly Outside the Hospital Room

Apr/26/2013  By redpandagames Top : 3 Reviewer Verified Buyer

This set has 6 unique renders. I also bought the other hospital set to make a more complete hospital scene. Most of the renders have morning, day, and night renders. However, the food tray render only has one (probably morning). There are also renders of the roof, break room, stairwell going up, waiting area, and a stairwell (downward perspective).

The style and quality vary slightly throughout, but most people probably wouldn't really notice.

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