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Release Jan/24/2013
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-Item Dungeon-

Long ago there was such a place.

Within its deadly chambers were rumored to be a fortune unlike any found on earth. Many bravely attempted to breach its secrets.

None returned.

The dungeon became a legend. Tales of the fortune grew, and with it the lives it claimed. The ambition of men knew no defeat.

... However ...

Not a single man ever returned from that dungeon.

Of all the warriors and bounty hunters and thieves who entered, even the kingdom's best knights, not a single one returned.

Not one.

Finally the dream died. People denounced the Item Dungeon.

A new legend spread that the fortune was already plundered by past generations, that it was a death pit full of terrifying monsters.

Then, one year, two years... ten years, twenty years went by.

The existence of the dungeon was written out of history.

But it remained, faded, in the memories of a different thinking man who rose in the kingdom.

His name was Teophoratus.

An alchemist called both genius and crazy.

He dreamed the dream long dead to all others: to conquer the dungeon.

Was there anyone who dared to enter it today?

* MGNet presents a random dungeon RPG!
* Answer the alchemist's call. Fortune and legend await.
* Created with and requires RPG Tkool VX Ace (free)

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