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Release Dec/08/2012
Last Modified Nov/27/2018 
Series Maria in turmoil of war
Age Ratings
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Page CountTotal 366 pages
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July 2018 update
The revised content has been completed and added.
"Maria in Turmoil of War 05" is now in "Maria in Turmoil of War Anthology 1 & Revised 0-1"
This includes all previous content + Revision 0 (22 pages) and Revision 1 (32 pages) mangas.
The art size for the Revision mangas is 800x1200 size and the format is PDF.
Confirmed compatibility with the Kindle Fire HD 7-inch and HDX 8.9-inch.

This revised content is available for viewing on my Pixiv account:

The story of a man who loved a tank, and the tank who loved him.

The year was 1941. War broke out three years ago between
the Basilix Commonwealth and neighboring countries, and had
spread westward. The Commonwealth had steadily advanced
its front, with no other choice... but now it lacked the
military personnel to continue.

To solve this problem, a researcher introduced a new type of
tank unit: weaponized cybernetic humans. 16 of these tank units
were produced and put in the field for testing. The latest
was TBP-03 Kampf Madchen.

A beautiful anthropomorphic tank girl. A commander, Erhard Heideger, with a sad fate.

144 pages, 2048x1536 264 ppi size
Confirmed compatibility with Mac, iPhone4 Sidebooks


Version updates are planned for this product.
Please be aware that DLsite does not guarantee
version updates or the contents thereof.

Upgrade Information

  • Nov/27/2018
    Addition of contents
  • Jul/09/2018
    Addition of contents
  • Jul/25/2017
    Addition of contents
  • Jan/05/2017
    Addition of contents
  • Mar/21/2016
    Addition of contents

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2 user reviews

Frequent keywords the reviewers selected :

Military(2) War(2) Humanoid Robot(2)
Pick Up !A fantastic non hentai doujin manga

Jun/26/2014  By solaireTop 50 Reviewer

0 user(s) found this review helpful.

Keywords the reviewer selected :

-Excellent art design,both the locations and characters look great making each page really great to look at,the 2048x1536 resolution of the pages also contributes.
-For just four dollars you get the first volume(144 pages) of an epic saga.
-The action is sequences are very good and even though the tank girl is very strong,she often has to use great caution when facing some of her foes and the strategies that her and the officer guy are vital to their survival as it's clear that even a single mistake can cost the duo their lives rarely leaves a battle unscathed,all these things contribute to make each skirmish in the story very realistic,even though the protagonist of this story is a huge anthropomorphic tank.
-There's a tiny bit of fanservice for those who like that sort of thing,but if that's what you're looking for i suggest you look elsewhere as this is a plot driven work and it's story is a pretty serious one at that.
-Without giving too much spoiler,i can say that the story is pretty good and the characters and setting do a pretty good job at drawing in the reader.
-The protagonists are an enormous tank girl and a normal human officer,so fans of the giantess genre will love this work.
The titular antropomorphic tank does the military salute every time she talks to a character and that happens so often it's funny,but maybe that's an actual military thing,i have no idea,even after reading it multiple times,that's the only flaw i can think of though.

In conclusion this work is awesome and i recommend it to everyone.

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Pick Up !A Cool action packed War Manga

Dec/11/2012  By vessaliusTop 50 Reviewer

2 user(s) found this review helpful.

Keywords the reviewer selected :

This manga is really well drawn, even if i can't read japanese. it was still quite entertaining.
The Character designs are cool, espcially the uniforms.
At the beginning i found it strange seeing a 3-4 meter tall girl tank. but after giving a try and reading it. I got cought by the action packed gun(other rather canon) fights.

I hope there will be a english version of it someday.

and i totaly look forward to the next chapter!

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