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Release Oct/26/2011
Series Mikumari
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In the "Age of the Evening Calm," when the world of the man has met its twilight, summer-loving freediver girl M*kki finds a perfect playspace amidst ruins sunken deep beneath the apocalyptic high tides. Meanwhile, her would-be boyfriend T*kahiro is allured by bibliographic studies of mythology and forklore, which also leads him to a hidden enchantment under the sea.

Come visit the world of "Yokohama K*idashi Kiko" from a whole new perspective. Complete with 24 pages of the feature story, profile of characters, and bonus images. FULLY TRANSLATED.

This is the ENGLISH version translated by the circle.


This is the ENGLISH version translated by the circle.

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2 user reviews

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Girl(2) Boy(2) Humanoid Robot(2)
Pick Up !Loving tribute with underwater adventure

Sep/25/2015  By reifiTop 50 Reviewer

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This work really captures the atmosphere and charm of the original manga (which I would highly recommend if you have yet to read it) and is obviously made with a lot of love for it.

Very good use of the medium. The panel layout, posing and expressions do a great job in making the story flow and enjoyable to read, even to the point where large parts of the story would have been clear without translation.

That said, the English is plenty good enough for smooth reading, though the typesetting is often awkward. The omake was a nice touch and made me laugh. I'll be picking up the rest of the series, definitely worth checking out.

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A good start

Oct/27/2011  By Kenji9000Top 50 Reviewer

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This seems to be the first manga work from this artist and its a good start.

Transitions from scene to scene can be very abrupt (though confusing only rarely).

The translation is good for the English readers to understand what's going on. Hopefully more focus can be put on it in future.

I'm happy with the product and hopefully the work will continue.

I would suggest reading a volume from the original work this derives from to appreciate this more.

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