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Release Aug/22/2011
Last Modified May/05/2018 
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A shorter entry, two chapters, in the ongoing fantasy novel serial game of DAGGER.

* They From Afar (1st story)

"I absolutely will not allow that girl to die. Absolutely not."

Children fight daily to survive, adults too in this time of roiling violence.
The other side of the outside of the war, one that couldn't be told at first.

How two soldiers grew, and trained, protected.

* My Extravagance (2nd story)

"A bit of luxury is no evil in itself."

Tisto, Aisis and Yui gather their savings and vow to enjoy themselves
on the streets of Royce. They visit with soldiers on leave. Having
not much spent their money, it's a bewildering experience.

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  • May/05/2018

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