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  • Acceleration of SUGURI 2 [Orange Juice]
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Acceleration of SUGURI 2 [Orange Juice]
Release Aug/22/2011
Age Ratings
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8 button joypad recommended
  • Necessary Settings The application may not function unless a Japanese language pack is set properly in your PC / the System Locale is set to Japanese. For more details, please refer to [ How can I set my system locale to Japanese? ] on the Frequently Asked Questions page.


The human weapon girls are back after 10,000 years! What's their plan, and what's going on? More options and characters than ever. Shoot-em-up action sequel.

Operational Requirements

Pentium Class 2.0GHz or greater
512MB or greater
256MB or greater (on-board cards not supported)

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1 user reviews

Amazing game from great company!

Jul/19/2015  By Omega Rugal Top Reviewer: 45th Verified Buyer

Loved it!

Keywords the reviewer selected :

This game is incredibly fun and amazing!
Visual effects are beautiful and so are the unique characters!
Music is awesome and gameplay is addictive.

The game combines bullet hell shooter with 2D fighting game where you can fight against computer controlled enemy or human player.
Acceleration of Suguri 2 offers you 14 unique characters each with own different gameplay.

I strongly recommend Acceleration of Suguri 2 for everyone that considers buying this.
I even came for this site just for this game.
Its fun to play alone and incredibly fun with friend

v1.3a update for the game is available from Orange_Juices website.

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