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  • idol VS. zombie [SYADOINO.]
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idol VS. zombie [SYADOINO.]
Release Jul/22/2011
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An awesome, hilarious mashup of Idolm*ster and Resid*nt Evil!

568x800 JPEG format

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1 user reviews

An Utterly Hilarious Cross-Over/Parody

Feb/20/2012  By Rodan_Master Top Reviewer: 11th Verified Buyer

Loved it!

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"Takane, Irori, Ami, Mami and Yukiho; Survival in Zombie Infested Raccoon City" is a cross-over parody of the IdolM*ster and Bioh*zard/Resid*nt Evil games wherein 5 idols from 765 pro tour in Raccoon city and experience the zombie outbreak. Also included are a number of unrelated IM@S 4-coma comics.

The comics really shines in the humor department as it's simply hilarious and very clever. First off the concept itself is really funny; it's quite simply the most mismatched cross-over I've ever heard of (Idols and Zombies, lol). Moving on there's a lot of very funny direct parodies of scenes from the Bioh*zard games. Next, the ways the idols handle the situation is hilarious as well. Overall... to put it simply, the whole comic is a laugh riot.

In conclusion this is a must buy for fans of Idolm*ster and Bioh*zard (preferably both). It's hilarious, especially if you've played the games before. At 60+ pages you're certainly getting your money's worth.

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