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  • Copyright-free sound collection Vol.3 (MP3/65 tracks) [RP-MUSIC]
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Copyright-free sound collection Vol.3 (MP3/65 tracks) [RP-MUSIC]
Release Dec/07/2010
Last Modified Apr/22/2014
Series Copyright-free sound collection
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Short MP3 singles and other various tracks and mixes.
The tracks are made for background music use.
It has original atmosphere unlike regular pops.

Please try if you are looking for something original.

For the term of use, please see the attached text in the demo and full product.


Tsukasa Kuga

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1 user reviews

Original music for our games, videos... awesome price.

Oct/24/2011  By Lust3D Top Reviewer: Top100 Verified Buyer

Loved it!

It's hard to get music for much of our works on the net: Youtube restricts copyright (we need to have the rights of the copyright music in our videos to make money), videogames, personal projects... We can download music from somewhere but the "free" usage isn't always clear. This music is 100% original, for us. The music of this pack is standard (there is no catchy music with tunes) but some of them sounds good. A lot of them are like action/thriller music, but there is some relaxing. If you are making games, even hentai games, this is good. Test the product before you buy it, all the music of the pack is there for test. The best of all is the price: No more copyright problems and awesome price for 50+ background musics!

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