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Release Nov/10/2010
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One day she realized! There's no portrait in this house!
This and that story expands, clothes change, art is created...
Anyhoo, it's a manga filled with heartwarming-ness.

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Entertaining Touhou Doujin

Feb/10/2012  By Rodan_MasterTop : 2 Reviewer

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"Remilia Rebillia Impetua" is a Doujin featuring characters from the Touh*u Project series. In this manga Sakuya realizes that she doesn't have a portrait of herself in her home. This leads to plenty of drawing and changing of clothes among other things...

To start my review I just have to state that I'm not actually that familiar with the Touh*u series of games. I've heard of them but haven't really played them nor am I familiar with the characters; as a result I might not be able to fully evaluate the comic. Regardless of that, the art is quite good. The characters all look very cute. The story is quite entertaining; taking a simple task (making a portrait) and blowing it out of proportion. There's lots of laughs and just as much fanservice.

Anyways overall I found "Remilia Rebllia Impetua" to be a fun and entertaining Doujin manga. I'm sure fans of Touh*u will enjoy it even more.

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