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  • Hanahira!  [fuguriya]
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Hanahira!  [fuguriya]
Release Nov/04/2010
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Lovey dovey, oh so cute, lesbian twee hilarity!

Hanahira is a yuri love comedy game from the multi-talented artists who comrpise Fuguriya.

Art: Peko (Mayoi Neko Overrun!, Tamafuri Etude)
Scenario: Shinichiro Sano (Akiurara, Amakara Twins)

Operational Requirements

PentiumIII500MHz or greater
256MB or greater
260MB or greater
High Color 800x600 display or greater
DirectSound support

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The Very Best All Ages Yuri Visual Novel

Feb/13/2012  By Rodan_Master Top Reviewer: 11th Verified Buyer

Loved it!

Hanahira! is a Doujin Visual Novel by the circle Fuguriya which is famous for the "SonoHana" series of Yuri Eroge. Unlike the SonoHana series though, Hanahira is appropriate for all ages. The story is about 4 good friends, Kaori, Amane, Koharu and Makoto. Being a Yuri game, the group can be split into 2 obvious pairings: Kaori X Amane and Koharu X Makoto.

To start the art is amazingly cute. The characters are all adorable and the many CGs spread throughout the game are amazing. I can barely believe this is a Doujin in fact as the quality is on par with mainstream Visual Novels. Voice work is also excellent, with Kitamura Eri (one of my favorite seiyuu) playing Kaori perfectly. Moving on the characters are all amazingly endearing and memorable. As for gameplay, it's what you'd expect from a visual novel, pretty straight forward. There are about 3 choices throughout which do have limited affect on the story (there's some CGs that require certain responses to unlock). Overall the game can be completed in less than 5 hours probably (on the default auto speed), though multiple playthoughs will be required to unlock 100% of the CGs.

In conclusion Hanahira! is quite simply one of the best visual novels I've ever played/read. If you love Yuri but don't want to resort to playing an Eroge, this is an excellent choice. Regardless a must buy for fans of quality Doujin.

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