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  • Water Leaves - Big tree of Mizugami - (Language: English) [FoxEye]
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Water Leaves - Big tree of Mizugami - (Language: English) [FoxEye]
Circle FoxEyeFollow
Release Mar/08/2010
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An action game where you go off on adventures in the water. Dive into water in various places!
The main character, Cassis, is a very good swimmer!
Costume change, item development and many other special features await you.

This game also includes illustration collection "Water Friends."

This product is created for use of all ages but due to the setting of underwater there are bathing suits, semi-nudity and drowning involved so please be aware before buying.

(English language version)
The translation was done by the circle.

You can check out the demo version and movies on the official website:
Water Leaves: http://www.foxeye.squares.net/product/waterleaves/
FoxEye: http://www.foxeye.squares.net/

Operational Requirements

Pentium 4 or greater
100MB or greater
100MB or greater
8 or greater


The English in this product was prepared by the circle.
It may be an originally English work or a translation.

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4 user reviews

Great Game!

Nov/18/2010  By seawolf03 Top Reviewer: 45th Verified Buyer

Loved it!

A great game for only $20. Controls are easy to get used to and graphics, though not stellar, are really well done. One piece of advice though. Make sure you do not dive too far too fast. Otherwise, you will end up like me and have to restart constantly. -_-' I also like the 'Water friends' menu option. I have always loved the art from FoxEye. Can not wait to unlock more of the images. I also like how you can set them as desktop backgrounds. The only issue that I have run into is that after I close the game, whenever I click it again, it says my OS is not supported. I found that re-extracting the game from the zip file solves this. I just put them in the same folder.

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Must have

Jun/11/2012  By Kenji9000 Top Reviewer: 45th Verified Buyer

Loved it!

Keywords the reviewer selected :

I thoroughly enjoyed the game. It's challenging enough to keep you engaged. The translation could have been better, but heck I'm just glad it got translated so that I could understand what was going on.
The game took some getting use to for me but after an hour you (anyone) can get use to it.
If you enjoyed any other FOXEYE game, you'll definitely will enjoy this one. Well that's all I can say without spoiling too much.


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Vast and Deep Underwater Exploration

Jan/13/2011  By janlemon Top Reviewer: Top100 Verified Buyer

Loved it!

I have always loved products made by FOXEYE, and Water Leaves is another great game to add to my collections. For a gamer who wants adventures filled with lots of deep underwater explorations, you'll find this game to be quite interesting, specially for people with underwater/drowning fetish. Plunge into an adventure which will take you to the vast and deep waters of Water Leaves.

Gameplay, I would say, not so boring yet not so action-packed either. It's an exploration and item collection type of game. The main driver for the adventure is getting into new areas after improving your own clothing and equipments. And you get to improve your equipments and get more items by searching for components to improve or create them. That's where more adventure comes in. If you find yourself drowning or failing often in certain levels, it must be either because you need better equipment or some items, or there are several things that you may have missed. One rewarding thing that you should find interesting is that you get to unlock more extra-game features and new places as you progress through the game. Your player's outfit also changes, and I would say that it's rather something to look forward to.

Characters are well drawn and animated in 3D, and so are the big environments where you get to explore on. Game graphics may be nothing compared to modern game's graphics, but this is one of the good looking underwater exploration games out there where you get to control a girl, other than FOXEYE's sensuii game and Blue Port.

Twenty bucks for this game isn't that bad. Overall, I rate this product a four out of five, and I highly recommend it to people with underwater/drowning fetish.

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Sep/20/2010  By ThePsychoSheep Top Reviewer: 17th

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Absolutely great game

This is a really great underwater exploration game.

Al tough it resembles Fox Eye's Blue Port by game mechanics there are some new interesting features

One thing was the new Item collecting option.While exploring you will find certain materials that require you to bring them back to Town..Then you will give them to Lorile(One of the characters) and in return she will create a new item,medicine or even an entire new costume.Most of these forged items will open up new areas for exploration

The graphics are not one of the best but still look great for a low polygon render.The underwater environments and level design are unique.The character portraits are well drawn

The story and setting is interesting but not one of the most memorable

Overall fans who love exploring big environments with mysteries and danger..underwater I think they will like this game very much and is worth downloading.The full game features even bonus material 8D!

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