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Release Dec/25/2009
Last Modified Apr/22/2014
Series Copyright-free sound collection
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The total number of tracks is 59 including short tracks with bonus.
The tracks are made for background music use.
It has original atmosphere unlike regular pops.

Please try if you are looking for something original.

For the term of use, please see the attached text in the product.


Illustration/TSUKASA KUGA

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4 user reviews

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Comedy(2) Military(2)

Jul/29/2013  By MioTop 50 Reviewer

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I am working on a visual novel, and was looking for royalty and copyright free music to use in it. I also bought another pack, vol. 5, the same time I bought this pack. Vol. 5 had many variations to this pack, but this pack, on its own, is pretty amazing. I really love the different kinds of sounds and feel the music has to it, and will be using many of the tracks for my novel. It's great! I highly recommend.

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Pick Up !Really awesome price/posibilities!

Jun/05/2012  By Lust3DTop 50 Reviewer

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There is not much free copyright music in the net, and the possibility of find music for backgrounds in this amount and price, and having the security of being used with the artist permission, is really a must have.

There is some fanfare and another type of music all very dedicated to the classical medieval rpg background music. The best thing is the TRIAL, you can hear every song for a few seconds and get a much better idea of the product before you seal the deal.

For the price and possibilities it is really a must have if you are an amateur game/movie/youtube maker.

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Worth the money

Mar/15/2011  By meganeroTop 50 Reviewer

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Like the other review said, this is a good pack to buy if you're thinking of using it for a VN game and such.

The only complaint I'd have is that most of the songs are suited to a certain kind of scene. Listening through the songs trying to figure out which song would suit what kind of scene, I noticed that most of the songs would suit a "tense/suspenseful" moment if it's used for a VN. I wished there had been more of a "daily life" kind of BGM song, but for this price it's well worth it.

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Pick Up !Good for the price

Jun/25/2010  By Melanie G

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Keywords the reviewer selected :

For the price I figured "why not". I was surprised by the quality and length of the music. There are quiet a few different sounds, some songs do have a odd vibe to them, but I have found no songs in this pack to be unlikeable. The author wasn't kidding when they said original sounds. There are a few tracks only 30 seconds, but they are nicely looped and are perfect bgm music like the rest of the pack.

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