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  • Standing postures for game creation Vol.11 - Working woman [Blue Forest]
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Standing postures for game creation Vol.11 - Working woman [Blue Forest]
Release Sep/13/2009
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This is a collection of raw imagery for use in game and website creation.

* Character patterns: 13x3x2
* Facial expression patterns: 6
* Profession includes such as policewoman, nurse, maid, doctor, sister, china, suit, shrine maiden, teacher, etc
* Image format: PNG, PSD
* Image size: 640 x 480 and 800 x 600 compatible
* Can be used in free products as well as commercial ones, regardless of age restrictions.
* Can be used for websites and blogs
* Can be used without showing copyright.

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3 user reviews

Great art for supporting characters

Jan/04/2018  By Laelia Top Reviewer: 3rd Verified Buyer

I purchased this set specifically for the police and nurse character arts, but was pleasantly surprised when looking through it all to find a huge number of variations in the the uniforms themselves and the facial expressions.

As with the other character art from Blue Forest, you get PSD files to play around with and edit yourself, but you also have a vast number of PNG's ready for immediate use if you don't want to mess around.

I think every single character artwork in this pack would make a great supporting character in a visual novel. There's even a variety of different ages available, which is great. The old lady characters in the pack look incredibly sweet and it's actually quite difficult to find art work of female characters that aren't just young women.

I would recommend this set to anyone creating a visual novel.

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Best deal when it comes to postures

Sep/19/2016  By Salamo Top Reviewer: 5th Verified Buyer

Doctor, nurse, policewoman, maid or religious, you will find what you need in this huge pack. The 700+ png files are variations of many characters (more than 15 characters), all with a specific posture. The 13 psd files allow you to litteraly create your character. Changing colors, removing items or changing faces is really easy and in a matter of minutes the whole female cast for your visual novel is ready ! Great art quality, 5 stars are well deserved.

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Working women wear a lot of hats... and everything else.

Jul/07/2014  By Amy Verified Buyer

I really enjoyed this set! It had a good range of basic character builds to work from and a lot of different styles of clothes when compared to the working dude's collection of suits, suits, and more suits. (Though I will admit, they are very well drawn suits, and I will probably pick up that set too at some point.)

The lines are clean and the coloring technique happens to blend really well with my own, so it saves me a lot of time over drawing all of my supporting characters from the ground up. Even just leafing through it for inspiration has been a huge help when I'm stuck on a particular design. If you are interested in game making or character design at all, you really can't go wrong picking this up -- especially at this price!

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