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  • Rosenkreuzstilette [[erka:es]]
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Rosenkreuzstilette [[erka:es]]
Release Jul/17/2009
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Joystick with 6 or more buttons is recommended
  • Necessary Settings The application may not function unless a Japanese language pack is set properly in your PC / the System Locale is set to Japanese. For more details, please refer to [ How can I set my system locale to Japanese? ] on the Frequently Asked Questions page.


Eight girls have occupied various places around the sacred empire.
Can Spiritia stop the rampage of her friends?
The stage is headed to the demonic castle where the count waits...

This game is a 2D side scrolling action platformer.
The way to use the various weapons (magic) you can gain from defeating bosses is the key to the game's strategy.

Operational Requirements

Pentium 1.5GHz or greater
256MB or greater
350MB or greater (for installation)
Videocard for Direct3D

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3 user reviews

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Roskreuzstielette : The Awesome M*ga Man Clone

Oct/18/2011  By Darkspartan17 Top Reviewer: 34th Verified Buyer

Loved it!

Rosenkreuzstilette is a game developed by erka:es that follows the same concept of M*ga Man 4,5,6 (Two forress stages and 8 bosses) and also throws a lot of references of the classic and X series along with other references most notably from Castl*vania.

Gameplay : Being a M*ga Man clone, Rosenkreuzstilette controls feel just the same. There are two modes you can choose: Story Mode and Arcade Mode. Story Mode shows conversation between the characters before and after a boss fight while Arcade is just the gameplay without text. Rosenkreuzstilette just like M*ga Man has a password system to save the game but fortress stages must be beaten in one setting since there is no password for them. The game is decently long and not too difficult if you use the boss weakness with Spiritia however there is another character in the game. Once you complete the game, there is a code that allows you to play as Grolla in this mode, you take double damage and obtain nothing from bosses which makes a pretty difficult mode. Armed with just her sword, she controls very similarly to Zero from the M*ga Man X series with the ability to dash and wall-jump. Finally, there is a replay option and it can be uploaded online for other people to see.

Spiritia: The people of RKS decided to start a war on the order of Michael Sepperin, the leader of the Organisation. RKS reclaim their independence against the Empire. Spiritia however doesn't agree and tries to stop her friends from all this madness.

Grolla: It is like Spiritia but the difference is that Grolla found out what Iris, the daughter of Michael was really up to and decided to kill her in order to stop the rebellion from happening.

Overall, Rosenkreuzstilette is a quality doujin clone of the M*ga Man series. I heavily recommend that you download it. Especially, for old school M*ga Man fans who want to play in a similar way of the classic series.

Rosenkreuzstilette for me gets an 8,5 out of 10.

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Classic mega m*n fun!

Apr/17/2013  By Foxy_Foyox66 Top Reviewer: Top100 Verified Buyer

Loved it!

Keywords the reviewer selected :

Rosenkreuzstilette is a mega m*n clone game where Spiritia the protagonist of the game must stop her friends and the evil Graf Michael Sepperin in order to save the holy empire and the orthodox church. while the classic mega m*n franchise is the main imspiration behind the game other games like the mega m*n x and castl*vania franchises are used as inspiration as well like in enemy designs and locals. the graphics of the game is very good as it gives the various locals some pretty visuals and the various stages are animated as well. the character sprites are good as far as small chibi sprites go. the music in the game is fully of quality and they all fit nicely in the game. my favorite music track in the game is Luste Teuber's stage music, it is just awesome. the sound in the game as in the various sound effects and voice work is also good and I like that the characters says a line before the match begins and let out hurt noices when damaged, kind of like in mega m*n x4. the game controls well as it should so the player does not have to worry about any mishaps due to bad controls. the gameplay is standard mega m*n fun so if you played any of the nes mega m*n titles or the 9th and 10th version then you'll be right at home. the challenge level of the game is that it can get hard in certain places in the game with Freudia and Trauare being the two tough bosses out of the eight initial bosses before tracking through the last half of the game. also some of the stages will have some surprises. when you beat the game get a code that lets you play the game as Grolla who has to depend on up close which makes the game harder and she takes more damage from attacks than Spiritia. two other notes the game does not let you revisit areas beaten and the game uses a password system which means weapons obtained and bosses defeated will be saved but cross tanks and lives collected will not be saved. overall the game is an instant buy if you like mega m*n style games.

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Amazingly good platformer

May/07/2018  By Dr Tentacles Verified Buyer

Loved it!

Keywords the reviewer selected :

Rosenkreuz Stilette (Stiletto of rosicrucianism) is an homage to Megam*n but include also other references like M*rio, C*stelv*nia, B*mber M*n or even T*uhou. The game can be divided in two parts. In the first one, you choose which one of the 8 stages you want to challenge and gain a new weapon when defeating the boss of the selected stage. The second one is more classic and is composed of multiple stages that you challenge in a linear order. I was pleasantly surprised by the lifespan of the game and the length of the second part, which allow you to fully enjoy the use of the weapons that you have get in the first part.

The art and design of the various stages are great, each of them having a strong feeling. My favorites are the stage of Schwer Muta (full of dumb traps) and the stage of the garden in the last boss fortress (full of reversible gravity). Bosses themselves are good, the first eight have their specific personality (cool girl, loyal warrior, introvert girl, dumb bird…) and those of the final stages are often original (I am fond of the two first bosses in Sepperin stage). The last boss is the type of character that I like, cutely evil.

About the game itself, without surprise, it is a platformer action game and falling often results in the lost of one live. Against the bosses, the main difficulty is to found the weapon which is the weak point of the boss. Thankfully, the “heal potions” that you found are not lost when you use a continue so you can create a stock by willingly dying in stages where you can easily get one of them. Without this trick, the game difficulty could be pretty high.

Lastly, the story is interesting with a twist introducing the last boss. Dialogues between the heroin and foes are well managed and do not disturb the action part. I highly recommend the game if you like platformer. Strangely, the sequel, Rosenkreuzstilette Freudenstachel , has been produced under another circle name, just use the search tool to find it.

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