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  • Minikle's Background CG Material Collection "Mansion" part03 [minikle]
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Minikle's Background CG Material Collection "Mansion" part03 [minikle]
Circle minikleFollow
Release Mar/05/2009
Last Modified Aug/01/2015 
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This is a set of 6 background materials of the mansion.
License is free for doujin and commercial works.

You can use these materials for the adventure games and comics.

In JPG format.
Resolution: 200dpi
Compressed in zip format

Upgrade Information

  • Aug/01/2015
    Addition of contents

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2 user reviews

Nice backgrounds

Mar/26/2018  By JPishDruash Top Reviewer: 24th Verified Buyer

After the update this pack offers amazing quality background. There are five different backgrounds with several variations so you will find twenty files in the pack. The pack includes a bedroom with a king size bed, another bedroom with a smaller bed, an office, a dining room and a mansion's outdoor. There are 3 different sizes available: 800x600, 1920x1080 and 1920x14040. I strongly recommend it!

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Warning - Extremely limited

Mar/23/2009  By Hanako Top Reviewer: 24th Verified Buyer

Unlike most background CG packs on this site, this pack contains *exactly* six images. Only one size (large), only one format (bmp), and with no time-of-day variations. There is a picture of the front of a mansion by day and a picture of the front of a mansion by night, but they are very obviously not the same mansion at all!

The internal room pictures have windows flooded with sunlight and no night/evening variants. Very disappointing, especially considering that this circle's packs are priced higher than all other packs I've seen here - and all the other packs are clearly superior.

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