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  • AQUA CUBE (Language: English) [FoxEye]
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AQUA CUBE (Language: English) [FoxEye]
Circle FoxEyeFollow
Release Jan/21/2009
Last Modified Sep/19/2011
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An action game where you rescue a boy or girl who has been trapped within a cube like aquarium in the water. The game is in full 3D and the only tool that you need to use is your mouse. (keyboard is not needed to play) Environments like the "excitement cage" or "oxygen cage" are some of the special characteristics that separates this product from other action puzzle games.

This game also includes extras like a short comic, illustrations, and wall hangings. The content of this water borne game is such that fans can be either male or female and still enjoy the contents of this product.

This product is created for use of all ages but due to the setting of underwater there are bathing suits and semi-nudity involved so please be aware before buying.

===== Exclusive interview with FoxEye!! =====
FoxEye's interview is available on:

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150MB or greater is recommended
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It may be an originally English work or a translation.

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3 user reviews

Excellent puzzle game by FoxEye!

Nov/10/2009  By Judicator Top Reviewer: 35th Verified Buyer

Loved it!

AQUA CUBE is quite a refreshing doujin Puzzle game taking elements from FoxEye's previous freeware game Holdover along with others like block pushing from Sokoban, and packages it into one unique game.

All of FoxEye's games have a similiar theme and derived game mechanic:

Heavy emphasis on Underwater exploration, and management of Oxygen for the player characters.

The storyline is quite simple and bare-bones, but it helps establish the setting and the game.

The game also smoothly ramps up the difficulty as you progress along.

The later levels in the game pose quite a challenge, with stuff like switches, different types of blocks, environmental hazards, etc. Going through the later levels is an exercise in finding the solutions of the puzzle, often with complications like the one who you rescue is underwater, thus placing a time limit on rescuing , changing the water level or moving the trapped character above the water.

One of the frustrations players will encounter is that the level becomes unsolvable, somtimes even early in the level.

Fortunately, a "Restart Level" option is handily available, which allows a player to restart the whole level instantaneously.

The graphics of the game, being deformed 3D models, is nothing to write home about. However, the character portraits and talking heads are very well done and lively.

Finally, the Omake (Extra Materials) Included with the game are top-notch. Despite the imperfect translation of the Developer's comments and the Omake Manga, I still very much enjoyed the Omake material. The Wallpapers and CG Gallery are nicely done as well.

All in all, I would recommend this game for the doujin gamer who enjoy simple lighthearted puzzle / adventure games.

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As expected from FoxEye!

Jul/13/2009  By Shaun Top Reviewer: 35th Verified Buyer

Loved it!

This game was amazing, both for those with and UW Fetish, and those who just want a good Action/Puzzle game. I rate this *5 Stars*. Not sure how this compares to the "Blue Port: The Summer Memories" set, but none the less it is a great game. I have yet, of course, to beat the game still. But I have gotten to the second island. It is a bit challenging, but not *too* hard. I recommend this to all, not only those with and underwater fetish.

Also, though FOX's games seem to be mainly focused on the female, as shown on the product's page, this game features a boy and a girl, for both audiences. FOX sure did put a lot of time and effort into this game so that all audiences could enjoy it. For $20, everybody should be jumping onto this game.

Thanks once again FOX, for your amazing products, and the time, effort, and I am sure, money put into this product, and your future, up coming products.

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A puzzle game you shouldn't miss

Jan/12/2011  By janlemon Top Reviewer: Top100 Verified Buyer

Loved it!

Anyone who has interests in puzzles, mixed with lots of underwater settings, should find AQUA CUBE as a very interesting game. The puzzles of the game aren't that difficult if you have the time and patience to solve them. It just requires a bit of creativity and some thinking in order to be solved. I'd actually say that this is one of the many puzzle games that I've enjoyed a lot. The challenges have really got me thinking, and most stages are even thrilling as you'd get a time limit when the girl you're rescuing is restrained underwater.

The 3-D game designs are well done. The characters which you play looks cute and awesome as they appear somehow like their chibi forms. The idea of situating this puzzle around a cube is also a very interesting idea for a 3-D puzzle game. There's also a helpful stage panning which can help you plan to solve the puzzle.

I do appreciate the Developer's efforts to translate the game into English, but it takes some time to understand what is meant by the dialogs and stuffs like that. Still, the game isn't very much focused on those dialogs anyway, so the cool and challenging gameplay overcomes that.

As for gameplay, you get to use the mouse which I think is a very comfortable and efficient way to play the game. As you also progress through the game, you get to other worlds which shall offer more challenges than the previous ones. And there's also a very handy "restart" button if you ever get yourself stuck in any of the stages.

I highly recommend this game to people with Underwater Fetish, and those who got lots of patience solving a puzzle where you might sometimes find yourself doing trial and error. I'm sure that you'd get to love this product. Overall, I rate this product a five out of five.

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