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  • Presence-fTVA 2008 summer+ [Presence-fTVA]
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Presence-fTVA 2008 summer+ [Presence-fTVA]
Release Dec/25/2008
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The circle's popular work "Presence-fTVA 2008 summer" is upgraded !
This is a flagship work collection of Presence-fTVA's arrange songs using the real piano.
It contains 10 tracks of arranged songs in the first half of 2008, 5 re-recorded tracks,
and some anticipatory songs to the next work.
The musical score for piano is attached as well.

Sound source: mp3 format and midi format in some parts

Musical score: pdf format

*T*uhou Project
Is she U.N. Owen?
Alice's Madness
Chinese Fantasy - Shanghai Tea House
Crazy Eyes - Invisible Full Moon (T*uhou RPA No.2)
Adventure of tomboyish girl (T*uhou RPA No.5)
Retrospective Kyoto (T*uhou RPA No.8)
Today is day of hare, yesterday it was ke (T*uhou RPA No.11)
Mountain of Monster - Mysterious Mountain (T*uhou RPA No.12)
T*uhou Serenade

*Higur*shi/Umi*eko no nak*koro ni
Black Liliana

*Key Natsukage [variant piano arrange]
Ladybug [variant piano arrange]
Song of the Bird for the left hand aline

Intermission by Kenji Kato

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