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  • Untitled Demo Tracks Vol.2: Remaster + Suite "Kamui" [[kapparecords]]
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Untitled Demo Tracks Vol.2: Remaster + Suite "Kamui" [[kapparecords]]
Release Dec/16/2008
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2 works of arranged music by Masashi Okazaki (leader of Jill's Project)'s band, "Masashi Okazaki & Friends".

"Untitled Demo Tracks Vol.2 -Remaster-"(KPCR-57_MP3)
Arranged music of Ali*e Soft's Sen*oku Ran*e. 3 tracks of guitar instrumental.

"Suite "Kamui"" (KPCR-59_MP3)
Arranged music of Ali*e Soft's Da*bancho. 1 track of 14 minutes.

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1 user reviews

Like the Scarlet Fantasia albums? Then get this one!

Feb/23/2011  By Ex-member Verified Buyer

Loved it!

Keywords the reviewer selected :

The title of the album may say "demo" tracks, but all the tracks together are about 30 minutes - so the size of a smaller Scarlet Fantasia album. The Kamui suite itself is 15 minutes long!

The 3 demo tracks (about 5 minutes each) are pretty strong and powerful, while the Kamui suite is steadier throughout and has soft moments. Kamui also has a notably different sound than I've found in other instrumentals such as in Scarlet Fantasia. If you're already a fan of the Jill's Project and Masashi Okagaki and Friends instrumentals, you'll want to pick up these tracks too.

It also doesn't cost much, so you have no excuse not to pick it up!!

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